Default Fee - Other Activities Default Fee Monday

Match times: -
Fee includes:

The default policy is in place to deter teams from not showing up to their games – it is unfair and unsportsmanlike to the other team.

Following a first time default :
The default team will need to pay 50$ default fee
The team will be permitted to play in their next scheduled league game.

If the default fee has not been paid within 7 days of the default occurring, Club Montreal will alter the score of that game to reflect a default loss for that team; including “zero” for fairplay. The opponents that were defaulted against will receive a score of 1 and full fair play points.

This process will apply each week until the default fee is paid.

Following two consecutive weeks of having an unpaid default :
The Club reserves the right to remove the team from the schedule.

Thank you for respecting the rules and paying your default fee!

# Players on court:
Join as sub (free)! Signing up as an occasional player is a good way to play once in a while. It's free but does not garantee that you will be called to play.