Softball Mixed Monday
    No Glove No Love
    Softball Mixed Tuesday
    Rum Runners
    Softball Mixed Wednesday
    One Hit Wonders
    Softball Mixed Thursday
    Pitch Better Have My Moneyball
    Softball Mixed Div.2 Monday
    Softball Mixed Div.2 Tuesday
    Hit n’ Run
    Softball Mixed Div.2 Wednesday
    Pitches Be Crazy
    Softball Mixed Div.2 Thursday
    Softball With umps Sunday
    Softball With umps Div.2  Sunday


Softball mixed leagues in Montreal. Various levels and divisions such as recreational mixed, umped or play in a women's league on Thursday nights. 

This season at a glance:

1) Choose your location|night
2) self-refereed + mixed or with umps + no minimum gender requirements
    Choose whether you want to play with a referee or not
3) Choose to play 10 weeks or opt for the combo: play 20 weeks + a free tournament

Most Valuable Players in League

Team First Name Player of the Match
Les Battants Alex 6
Sloppy Posse Alex 6
Mighty Ducks Jason 5
Into the Wild Marc 4
Hit n’ Run William 4
Mighty Ducks Jorge 4
Les 2 balles Bonira 3
Sloppy Posse Mark 3
Les Petites Molles Francis 3
Wookies of The Year Chris 3