7x7 Mixed Monday Division 1
    FC Mangoustes
    7x7 Mixed Monday Division 2
    Full Frontal
    7x7 Mixed Tuesday Division 1
    Has Been
    7x7 Mixed Tuesday Division 2
    Hasta La Vista
    7x7 Mixed Tuesday Division 3
    7x7 Mixed Wednesday Division 1
    Les Youpi!
    7x7 Mixed Wednesday Division 2
    Ta Belle-Mère En Shorts
    7x7 Mixed Wednesday Division 3
    Les Boules de Feu
    7x7 Mixed Thursday Division 1
    Les Polatouches


Don't be left sitting on the sidelines!

The veteran team Bandjos have been playing with CMSS since Spring 2011! Team captain and goalkeeper Florian has been playing soccer for as long as he can remember.
He tells us that the reason why him and his mates keep coming back season after season is because of the competition level and social aspect CMSS delivers!
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FC Romanticos


Upcoming season(s) for Soccer

Most Valuable Players in League

Team First Name Player of the Match
Les Castors Bricoleurs Mark 7
OG UNITED Yacine 7
Abyssinia Yamlal 4
Vortex FC Karim 4
Spartak Patience 3
Aldo FC Patrick 3
Balcboys FC Nicholas 3
Balcboys FC Alexandre 3
Vagiciens Gael 3