7x7 Mixed Monday Division 1
    FC Mangoustes
    7x7 Mixed Monday Division 2
    Full Frontal
    7x7 Mixed Tuesday Division 1
    Has Been
    7x7 Mixed Tuesday Division 2
    Hasta La Vista
    7x7 Mixed Tuesday Division 3
    7x7 Mixed Wednesday Division 1
    Les Youpi!
    7x7 Mixed Wednesday Division 2
    Ta Belle-Mère En Shorts
    7x7 Mixed Wednesday Division 3
    Les Boules de Feu
    7x7 Mixed Thursday Division 1
    Les Polatouches


Play in a refereed or monitored league with friendly competition on great fields in central locations!

Don't forget to take advantage of the multisport discount to save on a second activity!

Upcoming season(s) for Soccer

Most Valuable Players in League

Team First Name Player of the Match
FCMH Stephen 8
FC_TDA Gabriel 5
Inter MTL Hernan 4
Spartak Michel 4
Sin City FC Kevin 4
FC Solaar Philippe 3
Da Goats Omar 3
FC Fuego zaf 3
Meat? Goooood! Clara 3
FC Just In Time Pasqualino 3