7x7 Mixed Monday Division 1
    FC Mangoustes
    7x7 Mixed Monday Division 2
    Full Frontal
    7x7 Mixed Tuesday Division 1
    Has Been
    7x7 Mixed Tuesday Division 2
    Hasta La Vista
    7x7 Mixed Tuesday Division 3
    7x7 Mixed Wednesday Division 1
    Les Youpi!
    7x7 Mixed Wednesday Division 2
    Ta Belle-Mère En Shorts
    7x7 Mixed Wednesday Division 3
    Les Boules de Feu
    7x7 Mixed Thursday Division 1
    Les Polatouches


Check out some of our recent pics in our soccer leagues:

7x7 Turf soccer HERE
5x5 mixed/co-ed futsal on Mondays HERE
5x5 mixed/co-ed futsal on Wednesdays HERE

TURF SOCCER 7x7 (mixed or refereed) leagues this spring and/or summer:
You can now choose a specific area to play at (Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Côte-des-Neiges or Notre-Dame-de-Grâce). 

Don't be left sitting on the sidelines!  sign up online now to guarantee your spot in one of our leagues this Spring:

  • Summer 2018 - Soccer 7x7 - Mixed Turf (Cote-des-Neiges)
  • Summer 2018 - Soccer 7x7 - Mixed Turf (Ahuntsic-Cartierville)
  • Summer 2018 - Soccer 7x7 - Mixed Turf (Notre-Dame-de-Grâce)
  • Summer 2018 - Soccer 7x7 - Mens Turf (Cote-des-Neiges)
  • Summer 2018 - Soccer 7x7 - Mens Turf (Notre-Dame-de-Grâce)

  • Most Valuable Players in League

    Team First Name Player of the Match
    Gummy Bears FC Laurence 5
    The Antonio's FC Jan 5
    Team Danger Zone Eric 3
    Goal Diggers Anthony 3
    FC Mondial (Ind. 2) Ben 3
    Indepentiente FC (Ind. 1) M 3
    FC Croissants jeremy 3
    FC Romanticos Ana-Maria 2
    Solidarité FC Jordan 2
    FC Montréal Daniel 2