7x7 Mixed Monday Division 1
    FC Mangoustes
    7x7 Mixed Monday Division 2
    Full Frontal
    7x7 Mixed Tuesday Division 1
    Has Been
    7x7 Mixed Tuesday Division 2
    Hasta La Vista
    7x7 Mixed Tuesday Division 3
    7x7 Mixed Wednesday Division 1
    Les Youpi!
    7x7 Mixed Wednesday Division 2
    Ta Belle-Mère En Shorts
    7x7 Mixed Wednesday Division 3
    Les Boules de Feu
    7x7 Mixed Thursday Division 1
    Les Polatouches


Don't be left sitting on the sidelines! There are only a few spots left, so sign up online now to guarantee your spot in one of our leagues:
SPOTS LEFT FOR SPORTS NOW team spots Individuals
Monday FUTSAL (Brébeuf) -
Wednesday FUTSAL with refs (Stanislas) or (Brébeuf) 2 1
Wednesday FUTSAL co-ed (Brébeuf) 2 2
Tuesday soccer TURF soccer ref (SOUTH SHORE)  
Thursday soccer TURF soccer co-ed (SOUTH SHORE) 1  
Thursday soccer TURF with refs (MONTREAL) - 2



Upcoming season(s) for Soccer

Most Valuable Players in League

Team First Name Player of the Match
DSFC Nicholas 5
Abcde FC Pascal 5
FC Solaar Marianne 4
Full Frontal Vanessa 3
Les Aubergistes Matt 3
Ind. 1 Anfal 3
Ind. 2 Anfal 3
Kung Fu Panda (Ind.1) Anfal 3
SFW Simon 3
Abyssinia Charles Eric 3