Basketball Mens Refereed Monday
        The Has Beens
       Basketball Womens Refereed Monday
        Pink Squad

     Basketball Mixed Tuesday
    The Rogue Ballers


    Basketball Mixed Wednesday
    Hot Shots



There are only a few spots left, so sign up online now to guarantee your spot in one of our leagues this summer:

5x5 women reffed Monday: 2 females
5x5 men reffed Monday: 1 team
5x5 mixed Tuesday: 1 team, individuals
5x5 mixed Wednesday: 1 team, 2 females

Latest team Photos
Mixed Basketball Tuesdays Winter 2018
Reffed Basketball Mondays Winter 2018
Mixed Basketball Thursdays Winter 2018

Les Marcels

Stratton Oakmont

Les Swishs

Upcoming season(s) for Basketball
  • Fall Indoors 2018 - Basketball 5x5 - Mixed
  • Fall Indoors 2018 - Basketball 5x5 - Women refereed
  • Fall Indoors 2018 - Basketball 5x5 - men refereed

Most Valuable Players in League

Team First Name Player of the Match
BBB Jean-Maxim 3
Hot Shots Patrick 1
Hot Shots cornelia 1
Ratatat cornelia 1
Shake & Bake Radan 1
3 pointers Olivier 1
Bball Club Benoit 1
Hot Shots Benoit 1
Shake & Bake Marc-Andre 1
3 pointers Catherine 1