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    Volleyball 6x6 Monday
    Aromatiques et Charnus
    Volleyball 6x6 Tuesday
    Volleyball 6x6 Wednesday
    Team EVO
    Volleyball 6x6 Thursday
    Discipline Daddies


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Court Volleyball 6x6 on Mondays

Volleyball 6x6 Tuesdays

Court Volleyball 6x6 Wednesdays

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Most Valuable Players in League

Team First Name Player of the Match
Spikes Laura 5
AGblockingnerds Maude 4
Bumpin Uglies Cherry 3
(Indie) Ind. 1 Kara 3
Vamos a la Playa Alrick 3
Personne rené 2
Vamos a la Playa rené 2
Beach Buddies Abdaal 2
Le Petit Poulet Ben 2
Le Petit Poulet Hao 2