Hey there! Female player, hoping to join a soccer team for the Fall - available any night. I'm a bit out of practice but recently played in a tournament and played competitively for several years. Send me an e-mail at if you're looking for someone! 


I forgot to include my phone number! Please contact me if you are interested for tonight's games: 514-569-7875


Hi guys! 

We are looking for a girl to play with us for our 2 beach volleyball games tonight at 7:20pm and 8pm! 


Hi everyone,

I'm looking to join a soccer team. I'm looking to play on a 7x7 COED ADVANCE LEVEL or 7x7 men INTERMEDIATE lvl. I believe I have a decent level. I play forward but I can also play in other positions if the team needs me. 

If your team has a spot available, please text: 514 758 5119




To every one in the league

 We share the same goalie with Individual 1 team, Can one of the goalies from the other team (wildcats or the other team) that starts before us,  Can play back to back. Can the league switch teams so we don't play against each other


Thomas Captain from Ultimate 3 threat



Looking for a female sub for tonight at 6PM!


Message if possible to join us.


I completely forgot to add my email,


Hey guys I am looking for a team (7x7) level intermideate maximum. Let me know if you or any of your friends need one

7/16/2017 4:56:48 PM

Salut je suis un joueur de balle molle pas un expert mais avancé de bon calibre. Je recherche une équipe pour la ligue du Parc vinet de préférence mais sinon je suis partant. Je suis dispo a tous les Dimanche et a nimporte qu'elle heure. L'an dernier je jouais dans un ligue de baseball de bon niveau mais malheureusement l'équipe a tomber a l'eau.  Donc je me recherche une ligue pour assouvir mon desir de jouer lol. Bonne esprit d'équipe et jamais en retard. Donc si vous etes intéressé contacter moi.

par hasard j'aimerais savoir quand la ligue de balle molle commence pour la saison automne?


Martin Larouche 

7/12/2017 8:50:40 AM

Est-ce qu'une équipe aurait trouvé une paire de soulier noire au terrain Clifford mercredi dernier?




Attn to: CMSS league Teams

If any of the  teams ex. wildcats, foilers etc, who is a female would like to  join us ( ultimate triple threat) to come  to play  on july 10 8h30pm. Just show up


Female needed!! We can't afford to lose again or forfeit

Help us WIN just by showing up! the more the Better!!!


thank you

Thomas (captain) Ultimate Triple Threat

7/5/2017 11:35:25 PM

Looking to join a basketball or soccer team :) I'm an amateur at both but I'm a team player that knows how to hustle 514-581-3685



notre équipe Spartak recherche un gardien pour la ligue arbitré les jeudis 7x7. 

Si vous êtes intéressé textez-moi

Sepehr: 514-6596785


hi everyone

For both messages that I posted we need female players and a goalie for the next game on July 03 for Team Ultimate Triple Threat,. The game that starts  right after us  Wildcats vs Blenders Can they provide us a goalie.

please contact e mail me or call me 514 334 5807 during the week btwn 7pm&8pm




 Attn to : Wildcats and Blenders


 The teams who are playing on June 26 8h30pm the  Wildcats vs Blenders can they provide us a goalie any one of your teams, if the goalie don't mind playing back to back.

Please e mail until sunday or call me 514 334 5807 during the week btw 7pm to 8pm to confirm




hi every one


We are look for female players to play with our Team Individual 2 or Ultimate Triple Threat on monday nights

If interested please contact me by e-mail  please mention monday hockey female player and I will get back to you.



6/27/2017 12:59:26 PM

Salut / hiiiii

If you're looking for a sub for soccer, hockey, softball... i'm available most nights of the week. You can text me at the number below.

Si vous etes a la rechereche d'une remplacante pour votre equipe de soccer, hockey ou softball, je suis dispo la majorite des soirs pendant la semaine. Vous pouvez me rejoindre par texto au 613-762-7359



Hi, I'm available any day of the week. Male, 22, intermediate skill.

Contact me at

6/11/2017 3:12:42 PM

Looking for goaltender to play Monday evenings at College Notre-Dame. We will not charge you a fee. If interested, please call Jacob at 438 998 3872.  


If anyone needs a player for their basketball team or wants to start a team send me a text thanks :) I haven't played since high school and I'm finishing uni right now and would like to have fun/have a life again

(I'm a girl if it somehow matters)