• League Reps

    Flexible office time paired with about 10 hours of field time

    You're bubbly and you're fun? Come and work for CMSS at our office and mostly on the field.


    Reponsibilities include some of the following:

    - Talk about our Champions night 
    - Socialize with teams and players
    - Pass out team goodies (flyers, samples, coupon, etc..)
    - Communicate important dates, discounts and upcoming league information
    - Request team feedback and take pictures depicting how fun our leagues are

    $14 per hour consisting of 10 to 20 hours a week

    Must be bilingual and have a positive attitude and be willing to interact with players

    Start date: immediately




  • Hockey or Soccer Referees

    Ideal candidates are bilingual (French and English mandatory) university students to work within our company for one season (renewable contract).

    You have to be available to work the same evenings for the entire season, with a car and a cell phone.  

    Send us your resume at


  • Fair Play Monitors

    We're looking for spunky people to work evenings!  You got a free night once or twice a week?  Meet people, make some money and have fun on the job. As a Fair Play Monitor, your mandate will be to welcome teams, watch them play and inform them on CMSS activities. Make our members' experience a memorable one!
    Send us your resume at