$50 default fee

All registered teams have paid to play. When a team insufficient numbers to play the game*, their opponents who have shown up ready to play, also miss that game. These teams should be compensated for the loss of that game. Our club does not profit from the collection of default fees but we feel like the opponents should get something.

The default policy is in place to deter teams from not showing up to their games – it is unfair and unsportsmanlike to the other team. 

Only the head office can cancel games. Teams contacting the office before their game regarding not showing up are still considered to have defaulted their game. 

If you are having difficulty fielding a team, please contact the club for a list of subs; we will do our best to help you out!  It is still your responsibility to field a full team before the start of the league.

Each game a team defaults, they are subject to the $50 default fee.

Following a first time default

  • The default team will need to pay 50$ default fee

  • The team will be permitted to play in their next scheduled league game.

If the default fee has not been paid within 7 days of the default occurring, Club Montreal will alter the score of that game to reflect a default loss for that team; including “zero” for fairplay. The opponents that were defaulted against will receive a score of 1 and full fair play points.

This process will apply each week until the default fee is paid.

Following two consecutive weeks of having an unpaid default

  • The Club reserves the right to remove the team from the schedule.

If a team defaults for a second time in the same season

  • Their status in the league will be under review. 

*Please note that the score WILL NOT be reverted to the original score once the fee has been paid. 

Individual Teams and Defaults

Individual teams are responsible for avoiding defaults by informing their teammate’s when/if they can't attend a game so that a replacement player can be found. However, Individuals teams are not charged default fees by the CMSS. 

When Individuals teams are defaulted against, the team is eligible for a pub gift card which is redeemable at the Season End Party. Individual teams are required to confirm attendance at the party in advance, so that the CMSS may purchase the gift card from the pub.



Teams that are defaulted against will be given a $50 voucher to our sponsor bar. The exception being sports where a team plays more than 1 match per night. In the case a team plays 2 matches, each team defaulted against will receive a $25 voucher. In the case a team plays 3 matches, each team defaulted against will receive a $16 voucher. The team captains will be notified by email.


Exception :

If both captains agree to waive the minimum player requirements, they may do so but it must be decided before the game starts. If it is agreed that the games will count, then the results will count! In this case, the default fee would also be waived.  Please let the staff member know what you have decided BEFORE the start of the game.


Pay your Default Fee


Last Update : 2016-11-23