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Match Coordinator (MC)

Now you can PLAY FOR FREE! Becoming an Match Coordinator (MC) will allow you to get involved and meet new people in your league. This is a great opportunity to be a leader and help coordinate CMSS league nights!

General Overview

On site coordinator for the following sports:

Ball Hockey
Flag Football

This position involves setting up the equipment, liaising with facility staff, doing pre-game announcements, starting games, and reporting scores to the CMSS office. MCs coordinate the location that they play at each week at the time that they are scheduled to play only!


MCs will be responsible for the teams at their facility (including their own).
Arrive at the facility 15 minutes prior to game
Coordinate with other players to set up the equipment
Update players with pre-game announcements
Ensure that the matches run on time and that players are out of the facility on time
Ensure that all equipment is put away properly at the end of games
Report scores online the following day

Completion date

The position ends when the league that the MC is playing in finishes (usually 7-12 weeks per season). Most MC's choose to carry over to the following season.


The average time committment is 3-4 hrs/week, the MC is only required at the facility when other players are required to be there.

Rate of Pay

MCs are not paid by the hour. See the benefits section below.


A refund at the end of the season equal to the amount of an individual registration
Free or discounted entry into tournaments and events during the calendar year that you MC
Free official CMSS apparel
The opportunity to be a leader and meet new people


There will be a mandatory MC meeting that is TBD for all new MCs. At this time, the responsibilities will be reviewed and equipment that is needed for the season will be distributed. Meeting details will be sent to MCs via email.



How to Apply

To express your interest or get more information regarding this position, please email info@clubmontreal.ca with  Subject line: Event Coordinator

Please include which league/night/division you will be playing in for the season!

Basketball or Soccer Referees

Ideal candidates are bilingual (French and English mandatory) university students to work within our company for one season (renewable contract).

You have to be available to work the same evenings for the entire season, with a car and a cell phone.  

Send us your resume at info@clubmontreal.ca

Sports Fair Play Monitors

We're looking for spunky people to work evenings! We are looking for monitors for the following sports: Basketball, Volleyball and Flag Football.  You got a free night once or twice a week?  Meet people, make some money and have fun on the job. As a Fair Play Monitor, your mandate will be to welcome teams, watch them play and inform them on CMSS activities. Make our members' experience a memorable one!
Send us your resume at info@clumontreal.ca

Clientele Liaison Coordinator

As the client liaison at CMSS, you will be responsible for the quality of supervisors and referees. You will be the lead trainer. You will work closely with our field coordinator.

Some of the tasks are as follows:

Recruiting new referees and monitors when necessary

Supervise and replace instructors and referees when necessary.

Review and check schedules for the season
Daily report (summary of nightly activities), weekly report, summary of what happened that week. (see Task Tracker document)
Send a weekly email to all staff by Friday with all comments. One with good comments and names attached, one with negative comments (and no names attached).
Profile and description of league teams

Schedule (select) coordinators from among competent referees
Staff in the most economical way for the company
Compile hours of work for instructors and referees
Help ensure that contracts are up to date for referees and instructors

Train instructors and referees and ensure they are familiar with all CMSS rules, policies and procedures
Create an evaluation grid and help promote supervisors and instructors at the end of each season

Ensure that employees in the field are dressed appropriately and behaving properly.

Be the liaison between the office and the teams. Communicate with the teams and see what their intentions are for the upcoming season.
Ensure that all messages from the office are passed on to the "field manager".

Participate in office meetings as required

Assist in completing related tasks when necessary


1. Take video footage while in the field.

2 Team photos - work with staff to ensure that all team photos are taken by week 4.

3. Welcome the teams

Tell them where they are playing
Ask them how their day is going
Support them with any questions, encourage feedback, interact with the teams
Let them know about CMSS discounts.

4. Have a list of sports that are starting soon and the places available.

5. While the games are going on:

Write comments about the team with those on the sidelines.
Circulate any promotional material or gifts.
Let teams know where they are in the season and in the standings

Club South Shore - Sports Operations Manager

General Overview:
Club Rive Sud is looking for a Sports Operations Manager.
This is an exciting career opportunity to be a part of Rive Sud’s largest sports and social organization.
The Sports Operations Manager has a lot of responsibility as he or she will be in charge of all facets of our business.
The three main focuses will be:
1. Plan and organize sales and marketing initiatives
2. Develop and manage our core business and expansion projects
3. Implement targets and attain them

Start date: immediate

Hours: Part time (10-15 hours to start). Part time position may turn into a full-time opportunity.

Remuneration: base + commission
Join our team! Come to work in running shoes instead of a suit. Play hard and work hard.

- Develop annual calendar of events and leagues and be in charge of executing it
- Plan all details relating to each Tournament and Party
- Process and organize our growth
- Hire and manage staff
- Manage events by personally attending
- Develop and maintain sponsor relationships
- Collaborate in making improvements and changes to CRS programs, policies and procedures
- Develop partnerships
- Establish and be responsible for achieving targets

- University degree
- 3 to 5 years of work experience in related management role
- Event planning, fundraising or sports management experience a plus
- High level of computer competence an asset
- Organization and leadership experience

- Outgoing and socially skilled
- Enjoy hosting events
- Flexible with work schedule