Club Montreal Sport and Social offers 5x5 mixed and refereed divisions 4 nights a week (Mondays - Thursdays). All levels are welcome!

Basketball Seasons

  • Fall Indoors 2021 - Basketball 5x5 - Recreational

  • Monday

  • Tuesday

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

  • Fall Indoors 2021 - Basketball 5x5 - Reffed

  • Monday

Ways To Play!

  • Register individually - get in the game by signing up now on your own.
  • Register with your team!
  • Join as sub (free)! - Signing up as an occasional player is a good way to play once in a while. It's free but does not guarantee that you will be called to play.

Registration Info

Fee includes: 12 weeks of play, league administration and prizes for winners.
Includes 2 weeks of playoffs for all teams.
# Players on court: 5 in total. Minimum of 2 men and 2 women required on the field.
Match times: Games can start at 6:00 p.m. or after and last 55 minutes.

League Details


No physical contact, no blocking women in our mixed league.

The majority of sports at CMSS leagues are self-refereed unless otherwise indicated.

If we cannot fulfill our obligation and play the full duration of the season(s) due to field closures or pandemic related issues, the season will be postponed until we are able to play. In parallel to this, CMSS must comply with all health regulations with respect to individual players in terms of vaccination requirements. Players are obligation to follow health guidelines.

Location Information


Central locations with parking and/or accessible by public transportation. Most games are typically played at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf  and some at College Notre-Dame

Registration Information & Exclusive Offers

Team Registration
The team captain must enter all roster information (names and email addresses) after completing the payment process.

Small Group Registration
If you have a group of two, three, or four people but not enough for a team, no problem! All group members must register as individuals. In the Notes section of the process, just include the names of all other group members for placement on the same team.

Individual Registration
If you do not have a team or group to play with, no problem! CMSS forms individual teams for every sport when possible. Simply select your chosen sport, league, and night and complete the registration process. CMSS will take care of the rest!

CMSS Loyalty Program

The CMSS Loyalty Program rewards current registered team captains, with a special offer of a $50 rebate on their team registration in the same activity in a consecutive season.

What is the CMSS Loyalty Program?
The simple answer? Our way of saying “Thank You” for being a loyal customer!

Who is eligible for the CMSS Loyalty Program?
Loyalty discounts are given to team captains registering their team in the same activity for a consecutive season1*

How can I redeem my Loyalty Program?
Contact us by email to get your special loyalty discount code before you register!

Program Elements:
Qualifying members are eligible to receive a rebate on the registration of their team for the same activity in a consecutive2* season
Member Loyalty Discount offers are non-transferable (team captain/payee must remain the same)
Member Loyalty Discount is on top of the following discounts that may be offered by CMSS (Combo3*, Multisport and Early Bird)
CMSS reserves the right to modify or to discontinue any part of this program at any time.
There will be no precedent on loyalty discounts, CMSS can decide to target a different sport every season.

1. Order of CMSS season go as follow : Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Outdoor, Fall Indoor
2. Consecutive : Following one season registration after another without interruption.
3. COMBO registration counts as 1 registration. A loyalty discount is possible going from Combo to Combo but not redeemable between seasons included within the Combo.

Last update: 2018-02-05

College Notre-Dame

College Jean de Brébeuf


  • medal

    The Has Beens

    Basketball 5x5 Refereed - Monday

  • medal


    Basketball 5x5 Mixed - Tuesday

  • medal

    Hot Shots

    Basketball 5x5 Mixed - Wednesday

  • medal


    Basketball 5x5 Mixed Division 2 - Wednesday

  • medal


    Basketball 5x5 Mixed - Thursday