Dear basketball players,

You have registered to play basketball. Congratulations!
We have outlined a number of important points that you should familiarize yourself with. You will need to select a captain and co-captain.  Please email us this information after your first game.

Basketball: you or your team-mates need to bring one every game
Standings : How they work
Personal profile and rebates
Sublist and roster
Schedules: for all our activities are posted 24-48 hours before the start of leagues.
First aid kit
Conflict resolution
Individual teams

1) Basketball: you or your team-mates need to bring one every game Each team must bring a ball to each game. Teams who don't have jerseys wear black when they're home and white when they're away (see schedule).  if you are unsure about what colour your team should wear, please bring both to your game.

2) Standings
Scores need to be entered via our website by anyone on the team who is logged in. There will be no more courtesy score changes allowed.  An automatic loss may be recorded to all teams who fail to enter the score prior to 17:00 the day following their game. Teams get 2 points per win, 1 point per tie and 0 points per loss. standings.

Teams who arrive on time, play with a ''fun first, win second'' attitude will flourish.   Club Montreal has put in place MFPs (fair-play monitors) to ensure that the right attitude is prevalent and give warnings as they see fit.  After 2 such warnings, a player will be asked to leave the league without reimbursement.  Simultaneous games at different venues make it difficult for the FPM to see everything.  One monitor might be watching more than one game at a time.  Please be mindful of your actions and words at all times.

3) Mercy Rule
In case a team scores more than 10 goals than its opponent, the score will be rectified to a 10 point differential. For example if you win 15-1 then the score will be corrected to 11-1.

4) Sub List and Roster All teams should put a sub list together. Friends, family members and co-workers can be subs.  They do not have to be registered with Club Montreal to fill in for someone missing but we do require that they get added to the roster on our website.  This list, made up by your team members should be made available to everyone on the team.  If one person can't make it, that team member should try to find a replacement themselves.  Captains who instigate this rule might find that he or she is not always left finding a replacement at the last minute.  Players should be responsible.  If you can't make it to one of you games, advise your team-mates early on and try to find a sub. Subs you bring in should be added to your team roster, even if they only play one game. If your team is very short, you may borrow players from another team but only enough to have the minimum required players.  It's the team's responsibility to make sure that all members including subs are aware and play by the CMSS rules.

5) Schedule and what your team needs to know
Check the schedule on a weekly basis and email your team the info (at least two days before the game).  A team that comes together is often the reflection of a captain's work.  If you can't do this one week, designate someone else to do this or choose a co-captain and take turns.  Time, location, t-shirt colour and opponent information should be specified in a weekly email as well as a quick who's in and who's out poll to make sure you can field a full team or call subs if necessary.  It's your responsibility to field a full team every week. Your schedule will only be made available 1 day before the start of your league.  If it is not posted yet, it is safe to assume that it is not ready.  Please do not call our office to inquire about your schedule.

6) First aid kit.  ***IMPORTANT Captains should make sure that at least one person on their team brings a couple of Band-Aids and a chemical ice pack to every game.  This is a precautionary measure and the captain can assign someone on the team to do it.  Pls note that should there be an injury deserving extra care, pls move off the playing surface.   In the case of very serious injuries, pls visit your nearest hospital or call 911.

7) Rules and the conflict resolution approach
Not knowing the rules as specified on the Cub Montreal website has been a reason for conflict between teams in the past.  Pls print out a copy and go through the rules so everyone is made aware of them.  Should a conflict arise with the other team, captains, it is your responsibly to talk to your players and then speak to the other captain and have that captain speak to his/her players.  You should not be speaking to the opponent team's players directly.  If everyone adheres to this, conflicts should get resolved quickly and the games should go on sooner.

8) Individual teams You have registered on your own or with a few friends but not enough to make your own team, great!  CMSS will either complete your team and form a new team with individual players.  Please be respectful that you are part of a new team.  Every member of the team should get even playing time, regardless of their shape or skill level. CMSS is responsible for the team roster and reserves the right to add players during the season. As an individual, you do not control the alignment of your team. CMSS does not know what caliber each player is and cannot guarantee the level of game play. Individual teams need to choose a captain, co-captain and team name by the end of the second week and email it to  Teams need to get organized and get in contact with one another to make sure there will be enough players to field a full team every time. Generally, the CMSS tries to put 2 lines of players per team. Consider it as an introduction to our league and a group of active people with an interest you share. If you enjoy your experience, you can re-register as a team next season and you will then control the complete alignment of your team.

Have a great season!