We are so pleased to welcome you to or back to the beach. We're happy that you're part of this urban beach and hope to see you there often.

Here are the golden rules so we can be happiest together:

Step 1. Dogs

We love them but the beach gets hot and we don't like hearing them cry and being tied to the fence while owners play.

New rule: dogs are allowed on our pet friendly terrace only in their owner's company and on a leash being held by their owner at all times.  At no point are dogs allowed to be tied to any part of the beach.

Step 2. Check in.

Check-ins are now mandatory as we need to know who's at the beach at any given time. We also want to know that your membership is valid. As a reminder, memberships need to be paid in full, flashed on your phone and cross-checked with our records. League players are also eligible to play drop-in for free. Members signed up for spring only will see their drop-in privileges end on the weekend before the last day of their league.  Sign up for the summer now to keep your privileges going until the end of your league.  You will be able to purchase an extension when and if it becomes available if you can't be part of our summer leagues.

Drop-ins are welcome on weekends.  If you like your experience, consider upgrading to a membership by paying the difference.

Step 3. Washing feet.

New: there is a hose on the grass along the fence of the dog park across from Olier. Washing feet in condo buildings to and from the beach is unacceptable and you would be liable to be unwelcomed to the beach again if you upset our neighbours.

Step 4. Stuff

Setting up shop on the colored picnic tables is no longer permitted. That is for our bar patrons to drink without having to move your stuff or worry about spilling their drinks on your bags. Thank you for being courteous and putting your stuff on the grey picnic tables or benches.

Step 5: Play time

Getting a game in.  Get to the court, call next. Winners stay on twice max with games going to 15 points when there are people waiting.  Want more play time? Fewer people are present at the beach earlier in the day. Show up at opening to get the most play time.

Step 6. Beach hours

Check out the schedule on Don't be bummed because we shut down earlier than you were hoping or there are court reservations. That's mostly how we pay our bills. We try and post the schedule as soon as we know it at Montreal If there are not a lot of people, we can choose to close early. If the weather is uncertain too, we can also close early or not open at all.

Step 7. Alcohol

Bringing alcohol from home, the store or the dep into our beach enclosure is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and punishable by expulsion.  The Association is a licensed bar and every can or bottle present in the whole area must be stamped from an SAQ that serves only bars and restaurants.  Please help us enforce this at all times.

Step 8.  Balls during play

In case the ball goes to the other side, especially in the patios of our neighbors, please do not trespass to retrieve your ball. Please inform the CMSS staff at the field and they will handle the issue.

NB: Any attempt to retrieve the ball from the patios is considered trespassing.

Here's how you can be a patron:

  1. Tell your friends about us and get them involved.
  2. Help us rake courts and shovel them if you don't like the way they look at any given time. We do our best to beautify the courts daily.
  3. Get involved any way you can. Members make the best monitors, trainers, bar tenders, grounds keepers, team players, etc...
  4. Be courteous. You might prefer to play twos, fours or sixes. Please adjust your playing to attendees at any given time and be inclusive.

People get better with practice and encouragement so please allow everyone to do so, at their pace.

Not including people is not what the association is about.  We rent courts if you want to practice with your group only.

We are elevating our level all together every time we come and play.

Feeling crabby? Come to the beach and chill out with us.  We love to see patrons as often as possible. We have seen your level evolve and you make friends over the years. Our staff and volunteers are seriously happy to see you when you show up.

Remember, life is always better at the beach.