• Sportsmanship, camaraderie and having fun are the 3 most important things in all CMSS activities. Please keep these in mind when playing.

• Captains must enter scores via the website prior to 5 pm the day after their game.

• A team will default the first set if the team is not present to play after 5 mins of the start time.

• Except for the changes noted, all FIVB official volleyball rules apply.

• The game is self-refereed; the person who commit fault has to admit it.

• Teams play 6x6 with a minimum of 2 men and 2 women on the court. In the No Gender divisions, there are no minimum requirements.
For beach volleyball, teams will play depending on the format they selected (2x2, 4x4, 6x6)  If the team does not show, the opposing team wins by default 2-0. Please make sure you check your schedule and arrive earlier. Teams can play short if need be without losing.  Playing short means 5 players including 1 woman.

• It is illegal to borrow players from other teams.  A borrowed playing of another CMSS vball roster playing that same night cannot smash but can bump and set.  Please respect this rule and find outside subs whenever possible.

• There is a 3 metre rule in effect for mixed 2s. Both teams may agree to waive that rule. If you must, advise your opponents.

• Scoring is according to the "Rally Point System". Each time a team wins a rally, that team scores a point, regardless of which team served.

• As many matches of 15 pts sets are played within the 25mins for Indoors; 2 games of 30 min will be played for Beach Outdoor volleyball. The winning team must be ahead by at least 2 points unless time is called and it's a tie in which case the last point wins the game. The last game counts if a team reaches 11 points. Games must reach to 11 to count.
For Beach outdoor playoffs, the format is 1 set to 25 points (30 minutes)

• There can be 2 timeslots and 2 pools of teams.  If so, teams will play one week in the earlier time slot and one week in the later time slot except for the teams changing division. These teams will likely play at the same timeslot week to week..

• 5 serve max is in effect in POOL B ONLY. In this case, the serving team should rotate and continue serving.

• Play on YOUR SIDE of the net. I.E. do not reach over and interfere with your opponents' play.

• Players may not touch the net at any time during play. Players are not allowed to pass under the net during the play. Both rules are fault and point will be given to the other team.

• No blocking serves.

• If, when serving, the ball touches the net but makes it over, the play continues.

• When the ball touches the ceiling it's out. It's an automatic point for the other team.

• For safety reasons, if the ball gets on another court, it is considered a dead ball and the other team makes the point.

• If a player steps into another court to get their ball, it is considered a dead ball and the points goes to the other team.

• Male players cannot block female players for any kind of attack. The illegal block is called only if the male blocker reaches higher than the top of the net AND touches the ball (USVBA blocking rules 14.1.1).

• Please consult playoff policies here: https://clubmontreal.ca/policies/#13