Rain Policy

Club Montreal Sport & Social - Foul Weather Policy


Living in Quebec means that we will have some unpleasant weather and there will be some days when we have to play sports even though we might prefer not to. When this happens the only solution is to dress warmly and get out there and have some fun!

CMSS hosts hundreds of teams each season and this requires a lot of playing fields. Rescheduling games is extremely difficult (we can’t always book enough fields to replay all the games), so we strongly prefer to see the games get played whenever possible.

Indoor leagues are never cancelled due to weather, unless the schools are closed. If this happens, all players will be notified with as much notice as possible.

Unless the city or a facility officially closes the venue, CMSS will NOT cancel games due to weather.

The cancellation notice will be posted on the the website by 5:00pm on game day. If we have not cancelled the games, that means we have not received an indication from the City, the facility, or our field staff that our fields are unplayable. If we did not cancel the games then the Rain or Shine Policy (see below) is in effect.

*Note: Our office is not open on weekends so all Saturday, Sunday and long weekend Monday games are subject to the Rain or Shine Policy.

All games are played RAIN or SHINE.

If it is raining, snowing, extremely cold or overly wet at game time, CMSS requires teams to wait it out for at least 20 minutes before deciding to call the game. If poor weather or slippery field conditions are still a factor after 20 minutes, you must discuss rescheduling options with your opponent prior to leaving the field. CMSS will help with rescheduling on a weekend but you must provide 2 potential dates that both teams can play on. Any rescheduled game must occur two weeks prior to the start of playoffs or will be recorded as ties.

* Note: We may not always be able to reschedule the games (due to field availability and amount of notice time) so you are cancelling at your own risk. CMSS will only reschedule up to a maximum of 1 game that has been cancelled by the city.

Each player has sole discretion to choose whether to play. If a player arrives at their field and believes that the conditions present a safety hazard to them personally, they should choose not to play.

In the event of severe weather (electrical storms, excessively slippery fields), games should be immediately stopped and all players should take cover. Wait up to 20 minutes and if the severe weather passes, continue play and shorten the game time if required. If conditions do not improve, the game ends and the score is reported as is.
The exception to this is Softball, where the final score reported will be taken from the last full inning.