Dear soccer players,You have registered to play soccer. CONGRATULATIONS! All our leagues are social even though some are more competitive than others.   We ask that you please be courteous to your team-mates and your opponents. Arrive early to get the most play time as end times are firm. If there are games after yours at the same location, we whistle the end of matches (not the start times). It’s up to you to get your game started on time. We have outlined a number of important points that you should familiarize yourself with prior to your first game.

Have a great season and welcome to the Club.
1. Soccer balls you or your team-mates need to bring one every game
2. Standings how they work
3. We play every week (however there are some exceptions)
4. Sub list and roster.
5. Schedules for all our activities are posted 24-48 hours before the start of leagues.
6. First aid kit
7. Conflict resolution
8. Location - Fields
9. Rain Policy
10. All Inclusiveness Policy

1. Soccer balls and wears

Please bring your ball to all your games.  Team home (listed on the left column of the schedule page) supplies the game ball. Teams who don't have jerseys wear black when they're home and white when they're away (see schedule). If you are unsure about what colour your team should wear, please bring both to your game.

If your team wears jerseys, please make sure they are not too close to white or black so as to not interfere with teams wearing either white or black.

2. Standings

Scores need to be entered via our website by anyone on the team who is logged on BY 5 PM THE DAY FOLLOWING THE GAME otherwise an automatic loss might be recorded at CMSS' discretion. Teams get 2 points per win, 1 point per tie and 0 points per loss.  Club Montreal employs FPMs (fair-play monitors) to ensure that the right attitude is prevalent at games and to give warnings as they see fit. A player will be asked to leave the league without reimbursement if does not play with the right attitude. You can expect a FPM to be present at your games. Please treat them with courtesy and respect. If you do not agree with one of their calls, please call our office the next day. If a FPM is not present to your games, or your referee did not show up, please report this back to our office the next day as well. These games still count so make sure to report your score back.  Anyone who disrespects their team-mates, opponents or our staff will be asked to leave the league without reimbursement. Please be governed accordingly.
No courtesy score change will be allowed. Should you forget to enter your score, a loss will be recorded.

3. We play every week

Expect to play every week. Please check the website prior to heading to your game. Sometimes we get late notifications about gyms or fields being closed. In these cases, we try to call everyone on the team if we find out after 5 pm the day of the game. Please make sure you and your team-mate’s information (especially telephone number) is available on their profile page of our website. If this is not available, we cannot take the responsibility of players not being made aware of last minute changes.

4. Sub List and Roster

All teams should put a sub list together. Friends, family members and co-workers can be subs. They do not have to be registered with Club Montreal to play fill in for someone missing. This list, made up by your team members should be made available to everyone on the team. If one person can't make it, that team member should try to find a replacement themselves. Captains who instigate this rule might find that he or she is not always left finding a replacement at the last minute. Players should be responsible. If you can't make it to one of you games, advise your team-mates early on (2 or 3 days before the game) and try to find a sub yourself. Subs you bring in need to be added to your team roster, even if they only play one game. They can be deleted after that. If your team is very short, you may borrow players from another team but only enough to have the minimum required players. A team that is short players at the official start time can play for points as long as they start on time. Individual players your team roster will be finalized after the 2nd week of play. Keep in mind that we aim to put a minimum of 2 lines per team and that you cannot control your roster. Consider it an introduction to the league and to active minded social individuals with at least one common interest. If you enjoyed your experience, you can rejoin as a team the next time around. You need to select a captain, co-captain and team name. Please email us this information as soon as possible. If you wanted to play with a friend(s), we will put you on the same team. Please log in to see your roster and make sure those people are actually on your team!  Email us if you do not see them.

5. Schedule and what your team needs to know

Check the schedule on a weekly basis and email your team the info (at least one or two days before the game). A team that comes together is often the reflection of a captain's work. If you can't do this one week, designate someone else to do this or choose a co-captain and take turns. Time, location, t-shirt colour and opponent information should be specified in a weekly email as well as a quick who's in and who's out poll to make sure you can field a full team or call subs if necessary. It's your responsibility to field a full team every week. Please make sure to double check your schedule by 5 o’clock the day before your game. Only if the Club makes any changes around that time will we email you. Your schedule will only be made available the day before the start of your league. If it is not posted yet, it is safe to assume that it is not ready. Please do not call our office to inquire about your schedule. All players need to log in to view their schedules. If you have signed up as a team and do not see your schedule, please double check that your captain has added you to the roster before you call us if inquiring after the day before your league is scheduled to start.

6. First aid kit. ***IMPORTANT

Captains should make sure that at least one person on their team brings a couple of Band-Aids and a chemical ice pack to every game. This is a precautionary measure and the captain can assign someone on the team to do it. Please note that should there be an injury deserving extra care, please visit your nearest hospital.  CMSS monitors are not trained in frst aid and should not be looked to to handle first aid situations.

7. Rules and the conflict resolution approach

Not knowing the rules as specified on the Cub Montreal website has been a reason for conflict between teams in the past. Please print out a copy and go through the rules with your team-mates so everyone is made aware of them. Please do the same with subs. Should a conflict arise with the other team, captains, it is your responsibility to talk to your players and then speak to the other captain and have that captain speak to his/her players. You should not be speaking to the opponent team's players directly. Nor should the players of your team be speaking to the FPM. All conflicts on your team should go through you first. If everyone adheres to this, conflicts should get resolved quickly and the games should go on sooner.

8. Location

You will not necessarily play at the same location week to week. Some locations will be more convenient for you than others. Equipment and net sizes will also vary from field to field and from gym to gym. You can request a specific time or location.  If we are not able to accommodate your preferences you can expect your game times and locations to be allocated to teams in a fair manner (some early, some late, some closer to the city center, some further away). When we say the games are accessible by public transit, we don’t necessarily mean that they are right outside a metro station. Some are, some aren’t. Give yourself plenty of lead time, especially if it’s the first time you play at that location.

9. Rain Policy

Click HERE to view the rain policy.

10. All Inclusiveness Policy

Cmss is a social club where sports is the common element that brings us all together. No matter what your skill level is, your age, your gender, your race, the community you belong to (LGTB+ or other) and your religion, you are welcome to join us and are entitled to a welcoming non hostile, bully free playing environment.
Welcome to our Club! We will follow up on any unwanted behavior that goes against this.
We are your club and it's time to play!

Relax out there and have fun.

You have joined a social league. Pls keep this in mind during all your games. Head for drinks after your game with your team-mates. Invite your opponents out to join you. Remember, it’s Club Montreal Sport & SOCIAL.

Welcome to the Club!  Have a great season!