Dear softball fan,

You are registered for softball on with Club Montreal Sport & Social. Congratulations!

The details of your first game will be made available on our website under schedules by 5:00 pm the day before your league is scheduled to start. If your schedule is not online it is safe to assume that it is not ready. Please be patient and do not call our office. All Club Montreal leagues start at around the same time and it’s a very hectic time for our office. Your entire schedule will typically be made available for the entire season after the 2nd week of games.

Please note that this first game is a social game and the points do not count towards the standings.

You have registered a team to play at softball with CMSS. Congratulations! Please make sure your team roster is always up to date and have your team-mates complete their online profiles prior to the first game. Pls read the online info outlining the roles and responsibilities of captains and contact us with any questions you might have. Please bring a score sheet to every game and submit your score by logging in to our website by 5 pm the day after your game.

Individual players: If you have registered individually, pls sign in with your password and verify/complete all the information we have on file for you. That's also how you will be able to communicate with your team-mates! Your team roster will be updated by the 2nd week. If you wanted to be on the same team as your friend(s), please log in and make sure you see their names on your roster. If your roster is online and you don’t see your friends, pls send us an email at

Individual teams get finalized after the first week of play. Please arrive early to meet your team-mates.

Mercy Rule
In case a team score more than 10 goals than it's opponent, the score will be rectified to a 10 point differential. For example if you win 15-1 then the score will be corrected to 11-1.

All players need to bring their glove to every game. Teams should bring their bat(s) as well.
A pitcher's mask and catcher's mask is required.
Teams need to bring their balls to every game. As a general rule, team home supplies the game ball. Club Montreal teams will be given balls at their first game.
As a reminder, games have to stop at the official stop time, despite late start times.
Arrive early and start on time to get the most play time.

Rain Policy
Click HERE to view the rain policy.

First aid kit. ***IMPORTANT 

Captains should make sure that at least one person on their team brings a couple of Band-Aids and a chemical ice pack to every game. This is a precautionary measure and the captain can assign someone on the team to do it. Please note that should there be an injury deserving extra care, please visit your nearest hospital.  CMSS monitors are not trained in first aid and should not be looked to for first aid guidance in case of an incident.

are strictly forbidden on the playing field. We ask that you be respectful of city parks and the citizens that live close by being discreet with your beverages and keeping noise levels to an acceptable level.  Bring all your trash with you at the end of your game.

Have a great season and welcome to the Club!  Cheers!